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The Courtyard at Livadia

Where Crazed Grand Duchesses Go WILD!

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The Courtyard is the official historical RPG of Livadia.org. Our focus will be the family life of Nikolai II.

Membership is by invitation only. Right now this is mainly a space for Kali and Anna to do their thing. However, we are in the process of adding new members (if you're a friend of ours and you're interested, hit up tatiana_larina or willo at bigpair@livadia.org), and general roleplay will recommence in the nearish future.

Current cast list (as of June 19, 2007):

Olga Nikolaievna, Tsar Nikolai II - willo
Tatiana Nikolaievna, Aleksandra Feodorovna - tatiana_larina
Maria Nikolaievna - neemarita
Anastasia Nikolaievna - olganr

Social capital

  • less than 10